Kevin Cui




Software Development Student

I am Kevin, a software developer. I am especially knowledgeable in Java and Python, and my work primarily consists of application and data-intensive back-end development, although I am aiming towards being stronger with full-stack development as well.
Beyond Java and Python, I also have experience working with a wide range of languages, frameworks, development tools, APIs, and hardware (as listed on my resume).
As a leader and developer in many projects- both personal and professional- I lead by example in being persistent and approaching opportunities with unique perspectives.
I have experience working as an Innovation Developer Intern at the RBC Royal Bank of Canada, where I did both front-end and back-end development, completed tasks through the Agile workflow, and communicated new solutions to senior business leaders. I am currently enrolled in secondary school, where I actively participate in the computer science club and hold academic awards in a variety of STEM courses.