Last updated December 2, 2021
This page serves as a compilation of corrections for any factual inaccuracies or errors across all video uploads on the Junferno YouTube channel. This includes errors in both the video transcript and visuals, but does not account for things like graphical glitches or typos in the captioning. These corrections are also included in their respective video's descriptions. Corrections on this page will be sorted by video in reverse chronological order of the video's publishing date.
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List of Corrections

The Challenge of Making a Keyboard for Every Language
  • [2:27] Modern Polish typists use the programmer's keyboard as opposed to the standard one. A better example of a keyboard that uses separate keys for special characters is the Swedish keyboard[1].
  • [13:44] On the Korean 3-set keyboard, the initial consonants are on the right and the final consonants are on the left.
  • [14:24] The Romaji for 今日は is usually "kyouha" in modern Japanese, meaning "today". "Konnichiwa" (or "konnichiha") is written with the Hiragana characters こんにちは.
  • [14:49] JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standard, not Japanese International Standard.[2]


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